ORNL to support 4 computing-for-manufacturing projects

The U.S. Department of Energy last week announced 10 projects with industry as part fo the agency’s High Performance Computing for Manufacturing Program, and ORNL will be involved in four of them — each of which will get $300,000 in initial funding.supercomputingpic

ORNL has perhaps the nation’s top stable of supercomputer, including the Cray supercomputer known as Titan, which currently is the fastest computer in the U.S. and a workhorse for science. Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Labs, both fo which have great resources and expertise, also will support the industry efforts.

Here is the description provided of the four projects that ORNL will support:

— United Technologies Research Center, located in East Hartford, Conn., will partner with ORNL and LLNL to develop and deploy simulation tools that predict the material microstructure during the additive manufacturing process to ensure that critical aircraft parts meet design specifications for strength and fatigue resistance, under a project entitled: “Integrated Predictive Tools for Customizing Microstructure and Material Properties of Additively Manufactured Aerospace Components.”

— General Electric, New York, will partner with ORNL to assist in the local control of melt pool and microstructure in additive manufactured parts, under a project entitled: “Process Map for Tailoring Microstructure in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Manufacturing Process.”

— In a separate project, GE will partner with ORNL and LLNL to improve the efficiency and component life of aircraft engines through design optimization, under a project entitled: “Massively Parallel Multi-Physics Multi-Scale Large Eddy Simulations of a Fully Integrated Aircraft Engine Combustor and High Pressure Vane.”

— The AweSim program at the Ohio Supercomputer Center and the Edison Welding Institute will partner with ORNL to deploy cloud-based advanced welding simulation tool for broad industry use, under a project entitled: “Weld Predictor App.”

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