Leadership team in flux at DOE’s Oak Ridge Office

I’d heard various reports about leadership changes taking place at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Office, which has responsibility for the government’s Oak Ridge Reservation (outside the plants), Integrated Support Center and coordination with other offices, so I asked for a clarification of top-level positions.

There are two executive positions — the top two — currently being filled on an acting basis, and another high-level position is vacant.

John Shewairy, the assistant manager for administration and former public affairs chief, confirmed that he is acting deputy manager.  “The deputy position will be filled through the competitive process, with the permanent ORO manager making the selection of a deputy manager,” he said.

At this point, Don Thress, (ORO’s chief counsel) is acting manager of the Oak Ridge Office. According to Shewairy, ” Don will continue to serve as acting manager until the position is filled permanently through the competitive process.  The selection of the permanent ORO manager rests with the Office of the Deputy Director of Field Operations for the Office of Science.  The selection process is ongoing.”

Shewairy said the role of assistant manager for safety and technical services is vacant. “However, the competitive process for filling that position is underway, with the advertisement of that position closing Feb. 22.   There are no other key management position vacancies at ORO.”

Other leadership positions at ORO include: Chief financial officer, Marcie Bischak; Assistant Manager for Procurement and Contracts is Jeff Burgan; Assistant Manager for Safeguards, Security and Emergency Management is Pauline Douglas.

Because Thress is acting manager, the chief counsel position is currently filled by Wendy Bryan.

Some of the changes, of course, were precipitated when Larry Kelly, the manager of ORO since 2012, died about a year ago following a battle with cancer, and the departure later that year of Kevin Hall, who succeeded Kelly.

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