‘First bite’ at K-27

k27pictureWorkers will take the “first bite” out of the K-27 building on Monday morning, setting the stage for a year-long project to demolish the big building — the last of five gaseous diffusion facilities at what once was the nation’s largest uranium-enrichment complex.

The Department of Energy and its Oak Ridge cleanup manager, URS-CH2M Oak Ridge, will host a ceremony to mark the beginning of the end at K-27. The demolition project is estimated to cost about $292 million, including the preparations that have taken place over the past year.

The four-story, 383,000-square foot building is highly contaminated from the legacy enrichment operations, which ceased in 1964.

The pre-demolition activities have reportedly removed the biggest deposits of enriched uranium and/or foamed the equipment to fix the radioactive material in place.

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