BWXT won’t contest violations

Jud Simmons, communications director for BWX Technologies Inc. (formerly B&W Technical Services), said BWXT won’t contest the notice of violations issued by the National Nuclear Security Administration. The violations levied against B&W Y-12 (now BWXT), the former contractor at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant.

Here’s the company’s statement:

“As BWXT noted during the enforcement conference, our notification of this 2014 incident to the NNSA was timely and accurate, and there was no compromise of classified information. While still serving as the contractor at Y-12, we implemented an effective corrective action plan that was accepted by the customer. We believe that the NNSA’s decision to not impose a civil penalty is appropriate, and we do not intend to further contest the NNSA’s conclusions.”

The DOE Office of Enforcement earlier cleared the current contractor, Consolidated Nuclear Security (which took over management of Y-12 on July 1, 2014), of direct responsibility for the security issues that occurred before the contractor change. Here’s that letter.

It should be noted, however, that Bechtel, the leading partner in CNS, also was a partner in the B&W Y-12 contractor team that managed Y-12 for more than a decade.

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