K-27 demolition: on the verge

16593256593_c6123f5ae0_kUCOR workers last year completed a long list of pre-demolition activities inside the K-27 building, the last of the gaseous diffusion plants in Oak Ridge. Demolition is expected to begin in early February. (DOE photo/Lynn Freeny)

The demolition of K-27, the last of the remaining gaseous diffusion plants that once provided uranium fuel for nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors, will apparently get started in early February.

Earlier this week, the preparations team achieved a major milestone by declaring K-27 “criticality incredible.”

That means deposits of fissionable uranium have been removed or secured so there’s no chance of demolition causing an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction with a dangerous release of radiation.

Check out UCOR’s video on the preparations for K-27 demolition.

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