CNS gets ‘disappointing’ performance score of 57

Consolidated Nuclear Security’s first report card from the government was not a good one. The contractor received a performance score of 57 out of 100.

CNS, a Bechtel-led partnership, took over management of the Y-12 and Pantex nuclear weapons plants on July 1, 2014, and the performance evaluation covered 15 months — the last three months of Fiscal 2014 and the entirety of Fiscal 2015.Basic RGB

“The score is lower than expected and should be disappointing for every one of us,” CNS President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Haynes said in a message to employees at the two plants, “but it should not be allowed to overshadow our important work supporting the Front Line of Global Security.

According to Haynes (pictured below), the contractor’s performance was rated on six performance objectives, which ranged from “very good” to satisfactory.” The overall rating was “good,” with a score of 57 percent. The performance score typically represents the percentage of the available fee that will be paid to the contractor team.

haynesnextHaynes said the initial report card does not include work on the Uranium Processing Facility, the multibillion-dollar project under development at Y-12. He said that project is being evaluated separately. Much of the UPF work is being subcontracted to Bechtel National, a parent of Consolidated Nuclear Security.

Haynes said CNS’ self-evaluation of its work at Y-12 and Pantex was significantly different than how the National Nuclear Security Administration viewed the contractor’s performance. “So we must now step back and thoroughly analyze the message we have received through this assessment,” he said.

“While the score reflects on all of us and our collective performance,” the CNS chief said, “I can assure you that I and the rest of the CNS leadership team feel ownership for the rating. We have not accomplished what the NNSA desired and we have much more work to do.”

The NNSA has not released the performance evaluation report for the federal contractor at Y-12 and Pantex. Asked earlier this week, NNSA spokeswoman Shelley Laver said via email, “I have not received any of the 2015 performance reports yet. I don’t receive them until all sites have been completed and then they are posted and released at once. I suspect we will post them the beginning of January.”

The contractor’s six performance objectives are: Manage the nuclear weapons mission; Reduce Global Nuclear Security Threats mission; DOE and Strategic Partnership Project; Science, Technology and Engineering; Operations and Infrastructure; and Leadership. Managing the nuclear weapons mission has the most at-risk fee (35 percent).

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