UCOR exec: ‘Rest assured, we’ll be competing for that work’

URS-CH2M Oak Ridge, the Department of Energy’s cleanup manager in Oak Ridge, has a contract that runs out in 2020 — about the time it is supposed to wrap up DOE’s Vision 2020. That “vision” completes the work at East Tennessee Technology Park, allowing the site to be converted to a private-sector industrial park.

Matt Marston, UCOR’s chief operating officer, who was part of a Thursday morning panel at ETEBA’s annual Business Opportunities Conference, noted that UCOR has been working with the Department of Energy to help plan for the ultimate transition of work from ETTP to the next big Environmental Management mission in Oak Ridge. That will involve the demolition of old buildings at Y-12 and the cleanup of mercury at the site.

UCOR’s contract, as noted, expires in 2020 and doesn’t include that scope of work, which will be incorporated into future DOE contracts. But that doesn’t mean the company is uninterested.

“Rest assured,” Marston said Thursday morning, “we’ll be competing for that work.”

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