Benefits of ORNL’s Industry Day

0924_KCLO_ORNL24_07_ALThere was a big turnout Sept. 23 for Industry Day at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a first-ever event sponsored by the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. A few hundred people registered for the activities, representing businesses and other institutions throughout the region and beyond.

Much of the media attention was on the 3-D printed building that shared its energy sources with a futuristic vehicle (also built using the marvels of additive manufacturing). It was known as the AMIE (Additive Manufacturing Integrated Engineering) Project, and it’s still generating a buzz. But there was a lot more going on that day and the next as ORNL educated visitors on ways for industry to collaborate with the lab on projects of all types and scale and sought feedback on other possibilities.

Asked if ORNL had seen any post-Industry Day results, lab communications director David Keim provided this response:

— New collaborations on the AMIE project, including the Home Builders & Remodelers Association. AMIE will be on display at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas in January.

— New ORNL connections formed with small businesses. Many of these small businesses submitted applications to DOE’s Small Business Vouchers program. The first round closed in October and winners will likely be announced in January.

— Additional interest in ORNL’s crowdsourcing activity with industry partners for innovative, energy-saving solutions to building technology challenges. The first round closes Jan.15, 2016. ORNL was invited to present at the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute’s annual meeting.

Photo credit: KNS/Adam Lau

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