More on Denver as park headquarters

As reported earlier, the draft Memorandum of Agreement on the new multi-site Manhattan Project National Historical Park identifies Denver as the location for the park’s central office/headquarters.

National Park Service spokeswoman Kathy Kupper provided a follow-up statement on how that decision was made:

“The decision to locate the park superintendent for Manhattan Project National Historical Park at a National Park Service central office location evolved during the process of developing the MOA and visiting the three sites (Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, Hanford) associated with park.  It became clear that each location has a different and equally important part of the story. The superintendent will need to interact frequently with NPS and DOE staff in all three locations as well as in Washington, D.C.  Also, the Denver office is the site of our Denver Service Center, which is the center of expertise for planning in the NPS. Planning efforts will be critical in the early development of the park.”

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