A little look at UPF spending

upfbldgpicAside from the hundreds of millions of dollars spent in the design efforts of the Uranium Processing Facility, as being carried out under the series of multi-company Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs), there have been other, smaller procurements for the big project.

“During calendar year 2015, the UPF project has awarded more than $10 million in new contracts for products and services, and more than 85 percent of the businesses receiving awards were small businesses,” Rich Brown, the procurement manager for UPF, said in a statement responding to questions. All of these contracts were awarded by Bechtel National Inc.”

BNI is managing much of the multibillion-dollar UPF via an agreement with Consolidated Nuclear Security, the government’s managing contractor at Y-12.

CNS provided a list of companies who have received contract awards, but refused to give a dollar value, contract by contract.

Here are the contracts reportedly awarded so far in 2015:

— All Safe Industries, a small veteran-owned business, received a purchase order in February to provide safety consumables — hard hats.

— GEM Technologies, also a small business, received in March a subcontract for demolition of Building 9107.

— In April, CAXperts GrmbH, a small business, received a purchase order for computer software licenses, fees and hardware maintenance.

— Annams Systems Corp., a small business, received a purchase order for software license for UPF.

— Intergraph Corp. received an order for computer software licenses, fees and hardware maintenance.

— M&W Drilling, a small business, received a subcontract for monitoring, well plug and abandonment.

— Brozelco Fedeal Services LLC, a small business, received a purchase order for rotary kilns, calciner.

— Integraph Corp. received a subcontract for supplier training services.

— K.S. Ware & Associates LLC, a small woman-owned business, received a subcontract for geological exploration and soil borings.

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