‘The Sixth Circuit got it wrong and obviously so’

plowshares3Federal Judge Richard G. Kopf, who now serves on senior status for the District of Nebraska, strongly disagreed with the recent decision by the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that reversed the sabotage conviction for three Plowshares protesters, and he said so on his intriguing blog, Hercules And The Umpire.

In a post titled, “Nuts, Nuns and Nukes,” Kopf makes his opinion pretty clear. Of the 2-1 decision out of the Sixth Circuit, he said, “The panel majority wimped out. These three defendants obviously had the intent to bring Oak Ridge to a halt and they obviously knew that breaking into this facility would adversely impact the national defense if only for a short time.”

Further, he concludes:

“The Sixth Circuit got it wrong and obviously so. Nuns, and priests and their followers don’t get to sabotage American nuclear facilities because they think they know best. The only good thing about this case is that this goofy gaggle of nuke nuts have already spent a fair amount of time in real prisons. In my experience, that tends to suck the boisterous bravado right out of such people. And that is a damn good thing for the rest of us.”

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