NNSA says it is preparing Supplement Analysis at Y-12

UPF Site RenderingConceptual image shows cluster of buildings in the revised plan for the Uranium Processing Facility at Y-12. (NNSA rendering)

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In response to questions, National Nuclear Security Administration spokesman Steven Wyatt said the agency is “in the process” of preparing a Supplement Analysis for Y-12’s Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement.

The review is reportedly associated with the NNSA’s revised plans for the Uranium Processing Facility, although Wyatt did not provide details of what’s taking place.

“When it (the Supplement Analysis) is completed, consistent with DOE’s NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) regulations, we plan to post it on the DOE NEPA website,” Wyatt said via email.

Wyatt responded to questions this week after two long-time activist groups — the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance and Nuclear Watch New Mexico — announced they were jointly filing a Freedom Of Information Act request to force the NNSA to release more detailed information on revised plans for the multibillion-dollar UPF.

Last November, the NNSA — in response to questions about the possibility of a new Environmental Impact Statement for Y-12 — said it would make a decision after the conceptual design for a revised UPF had been completed and more information was available.

In an updated response provided this afternoon, Wyatt provided an additional explanation on the Supplement Analysis.

“The Supplement Analysis will provide the information and analysis to determine whether a supplement to an EIS is necessary to meet NEPA requirements for the UPF project,” he wrote in an email response. “As stated previously, NNSA has not made a decision regarding the Site Wide EIS. Once the UPF project has finalized the new conceptual design and develops sufficient engineering information, we should have enough information to make decisions on what is required to ensure that we are in compliance with NEPA on this project.”

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