Most popular Atomic City blog posts of 2014

Readers of Atomic City Underground like old and interesting photographs, keep track of current events at the Department of Energy and its affiliated institutions and communities, and sometimes have an affinity for the unusual. That sort of defines what this news blog is all about.

I just took a look at the year’s most popular posts, using a number of analytical tools, and here are those that — sometimes inexplicably — ranked highest.

1. Now that’s a whole heck of a lot of waste.

wastedrums12. NNSA confirms uranium incident at Y-12; top official coming to Oak Ridge to address situation.

3. In the megaton range at the Y-12 History Center.

4. CNS unveils org structure, some managers.

5. Isn’t this quaint?

6. Another view of K-25’s conclusion.

7. Declassified pics of final A-bomb preparations.

8. Nuclear survivor: Bill Clark recalls 1958 criticality accident and his up-and-down life since then.

9. Backlash on Y-12 benefit changes.

10. Eight workers got internal rad doses during secret project at ORNL; lab was doing work for Y-12.

11. Bobcat visits Oak Ridge lab.

12. Right of incumbents employees at Y-12/Pantex.

bobcat213. Workforce reductions in the works at Y-12, Pantex.

14. ‘Spies look and act like normal people’

15. The CNS benefits plan unveiled; employee share of the health premiums to increase at Y-12/Pantex.

16. Retirees planning Dec. 4 protest at Y-12.

17. GAO denies protest on Y-12/Pantex contract; could set the stage for transition of contractors.

18. Fatality at EnergySolutions facility in Erwin.

19. Gene Patterson to join Y-12 contractor.

20. Broken bones at Y-12.

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