IG: Office of Secure Transportation failed to report ‘deliberate example of unauthorized access to nuclear weapons’

The Department of Energy’s Office of Inspector General today reported results from an inspection on “certain aspects” of the Human Reliability Program and incident reporting at DOE’s Office of Secure Transportation. OST oversees and manages the movement of nuclear weapons, warhead components and special nuclear materials around the United States.

The full report was not released by the IG, which cited the information as “official use only. However, among the findings:

“. . . We identified a troubling failure of OST to report and properly assess a deliberate example of unauthorized access to nuclear weapons.”

The IG said inspectors also determined that the OST’s Report of Security Incident/Infraction was not properly completed. “As such, the conclusion reached in the report did not consider all relevant information,” today’s summary statement from the IG said.

The IG statement also said it had also determined that an OST investigation into allegations of questionable HRP (Human Reliability Program) management practices at the Agent Operations Central Command may have “reached a flawed conclusion” regarding the Unit Commander’s actions because it relied on the results off the Report of Security/Incident/Infraction.

The inspection identified a number of procedural issues regarding the HRP and associated investigations.

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