NNSA Administrator Frank G. Klotz


Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Frank G. Klotz, left, is shown with his wife, Nancy, and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz after being sworn in today as administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration and undersecretary of nuclear security for the Department of Energy. (NNSA photo)

It’s official.

Retired Lt. Gen. Frank G. Klotz was sworn in as undersecretary of nuclear security and administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration this afternoon. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz did the honors in a private ceremony.

In a statement distributed by the NNSA, Moniz said: “I am very pleased that General Klotz has now been sworn in as the fourth Undersecretary of Nuclear Security and Administrator for the National Nuclear Security Admiration. With his years of service to our country, his vision for NNSA’s nuclear security programs, and his dedication to supporting the men and women of the organization, I am confident General Klotz will bring strong leadership and management to this critical Department of Energy mission. I look forward to working closely with Frank in support of the President’s nuclear security priorities.”

Here’s what Klotz said:

“The nuclear security enterprise has responsibility for an enduring and critically important national security mission. The United States is committed to maintaining a safe, secure and effective nuclear arsenal, as long as nuclear weapons exist. Our nation is also committed to leading international efforts to limit and reduce nuclear arsenals, prevent nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism, and secure nuclear materials across the globe.

“NNSA and the entire nuclear security enterprise are at the very center of all of these national security objectives. Moreover, the unique talents and skills we bring to each aspect of our mission enable success in all the others. What everyone in the enterprise does—regardless of organization, job, rank, or seniority—is vitally important.

“For that reason, taking care of people must always be a top priority. I am already working to put in place a leadership process that inspires openness, trust, and confidence at all levels and across all boundaries within our common endeavor. We also have a special responsibility to recruit and mentor the next generation of leaders in the nuclear security enterprise. Since they will carry on the mission for many years to come, we must proactively seek out opportunities to deepen and broaden their skills.

“At the end of the day, every organization must deliver on the commitments it makes in order to succeed and to thrive. We are no different. We have made promises we must keep: to sustain the nuclear weapons stockpile, to conduct leading-edge scientific research, to help prevent nuclear materials from falling into the hands of terrorists, to support the Navy’s nuclear reactor program, to repair and modernize our aging facilities, and to protect the safety and security of our sites, our employees, and the public. And, we must do all this with a laser-like focus on managing requirements and costs to provide needed capability with less expense to the American taxpayer.

“In assuming these responsibilities for President Obama and Secretary Moniz, I want to express my gratitude to Bruce Held for the outstanding work he has done to advance NNSA for ten months.”

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