Kelly Beierschmitt leaving ORNL for Idaho


Kelly Beierschmitt, left, talks with former ORNL Director Al Trivelpiece, center, and Robert McGreevy during a visit to the Spallation Neutron Source in March 2012. (Oak Ridge National Lab photo)

Kelly Beierschmitt, one of the original members of the UT-Battelle leadership team that took over management of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2000, is leaving ORNL for a top position at Idaho National Laboratory.

Beierschmitt is the new deputy lab director for Nuclear and Laboratory Operations at Idaho. He’ll begin the transition Feb. 1 and will officially replace Riley Chase on March 6, according to ORNL Director Thom Mason’s message to staff.

Beierschmitt’s most recent position at ORNL has been associate lab director for neutron sciences. Ron Crone, who currently directs two divisions (Research Reactors and Instrument and Source Design), will assume Beierschmitt’s position on an acting basis while the lab conducts an “international search” for the next neutron sciences chief in Oak Ridge.

When UT-Battelle took over management of ORNL in April 2000, Beierschmitt was the director of environment, safety, health and quality. He later become director of nuclear operations and headed the Nuclear Science and Engineering Director before taking the neutron sciences position in September 2011.

Here’s what Thom Mason said of  Beierschmitt’s departure:

“His familiarity with ORNL will serve him well at INL. It’s essential that these two labs work closely together in support of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) nuclear missions, and Kelly is uniquely positioned to strengthen this partnership.

“Our selection of Kelly’s successor here will be made with care and a commitment to strong support of our researchers, partners and DOE customers. The performance and scientific output of our neutron facilities have grown under Kelly’s tenure. We will seek a leader who will further broaden our role in neutron science globally, continue the expansion of our instrument capabilities, and prepare for the addition of a second target station to the Spallation Neutron Source.”

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