DOE funds 38 transportation tech projects; three at ORNL

The Department of Energy today announced grant awards totaling $48 million for transportation-related research projects, including three materials projects at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The federal agency said the work is to support President Obama’s climate action plan and build a transportation sector that reduces greenhouse emissions.

The three ORNL projects are:

— $178,714 to develop and validate solid-state spot joining technology to join body-in-white high strength steel and aluminum.

— $100,000 to develop an improved understanding of corrosion of advanced magnesium alloys.

— $600,000 to demonstrate laser-assisted joining of aluminum and carbon fiber components to reduce vehicle weight.

Here’s link to the full list of funded projects.

In a prepared statement, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said: “By partnering with universities, private industry and our national labs, the Energy Department is helping to build a strong 21st century transportation sector that cuts harmful pollution, creates jobs and leads to a more sustainable energy future. By improving the fuel economy of our cars and trucks, we can save families and businesses money at the pump and better protect our air and water.”

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