Wyman pulling for Lt. Gen. Klotz

Mul Wyman, who in 1969-70 was a Minuteman II Missile launch control officer at Whiteman Air Force Base, said he’s concerned about security at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge. Very concerned, he said, by events of recent vintage — including the break-in by peace protesters last year and other embarrassments.

“What they need (at Y-12) is the same thing they do in the military,” Wyman, who’s retired in Farragut, said earlier this week. He called and emailed me to find out the status of retired Lt. Gen. Frank G. Klotz, who’s reported to be President Obama’s upcoming nominee to be head of the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Wyman, who served in Vietnam as part of his 8 1/2 years of active service and later spent 15 eyars with the Tennessee Air National Guard, thinks Klotz is just what the NNSA and Y-12 need to introduce discipline into security and other operations.

“I think this will be a significant step forward if he gets the nomination,” Wyman said.

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