Another snoozer?

I received multiple calls over the past week about a photograph that was reported to show an employee of a security subcontractor in Oak Ridge sleeping on the job at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant. According to the reports, the man in the photograph is supposedly an employee of K-9 SOS, a subcontractor that provides canine search and detection services to WSI-Oak Ridge, the government’s protective force contractor at Y-12 and other Oak Ridge facilities. I subsequently received a paper copy of the photograph, showing a man who appears to be sleeping with his legs propped up on what appears to be a dog carrier. Part of the background is missing from the print, apparently altered, which makes it difficult to place where the original photograph was taken.

Anyway, this comes on the heels of an incident earlier this year in which a WSI officer resigned from his supervisory position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory after photographs were disseminated showing him sleeping on the job and using a cell phone in violation of work rules.
I asked WSI spokeswoman Courtney Henry if she could confirm reports of a K-9 SOS employee sleeping on the job and whether any actions had been taken. She initially declined to comment and referred questions to the subcontractor.
Later today, however, Henry issued this statement by email: “Neither K9 SOS or WSI Oak Ridge has seen any evidence of an alleged photo showing a K9 SOS employee sleeping on the job. If they do see such a photo, K9 SOS will respond appropriately and provide further comment. The company has a 12-year history of outstanding service across DOE and other industries as well.”

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