Wrap-up on mercury project

mercury.jpgI spent a bunch of time in 2011 talking to people about mercury issues in Oak Ridge (past, present and future), and that ultimately resulted in a three-day series of articles. Some folks have asked for help in locating those articles online, and so I’m going to try to put together a series of links here to make it easier to read those articles. Also, I acquired a lot of information that didn’t get used in the series and will probably be including that in future posts.
Anyway, here are some links to the articles already published:

Cold War component remains messy, potentially dangerous and hugely expensive
colex.jpgSecret Cold War project results in largest U.S. environmental cleanup
Mercury veteran: Contaminated or not, glad to help my country
Despite repeated efforts, Y-12 building site still contaminated with mercury
Y-12 looks forward to day when it can clear huge mercury stockpile
Sen. Lamar Alexander: Feds have ‘moral responsibility’ to clean up Y-12 mercury
Mercury’s menace: a timeline
Thanks, in part, to mercury, East Fork is Tennessee’s most studied creek
Y-12’s needs create topsy-turvy existence for little Oak Ridge creek
DOE chafes under state efforts to leverage mercury cleanup through discharge permit
ORNL research could advance understanding of mercury, Y-12 impacts
Mercury’s health effects on workers, Oak Ridge public still under scrutiny

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