It’s back! (the Internet, that is)

In an email a few minutes ago, Oak Ridge National Laboratory spokeswoman Barbara Penland wrote: “We are delighted to announce that Internet connectivity has been restored at ORNL.”
The Internet connection was shut down two weeks ago (April 15) to limit the potential damage of a sophisticated cyber attack.

Earlier this week, Deputy Lab Director Jeff Smith said the lab had been cautious and systematic in restoring systems following the attack.
“Because what we don’t want to do is rushing into something and then have to back up and do something over again,” Smith said.
He acknowledged the difficulty of the task.
“When you have a laboratory that’s got, nominally, 10,000 PCs sitting around the laboratory, printers, servers, it takes a while to make sure you’ve cleaned everything up before you’re ready to turn things back on,” Smith said.

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  1. Anonymous

    Internet connectivity is NOT restored at ORNL. The only thing turned on is port 80, which is the web. Everything else is still blocked. For example, this means we have no ability to connect to the supercomputers from inside ORNL. We are NOT back to full operations yet.

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