ORNL hits the big time (Big Bang Theory)

bigbang.jpgOK, it’s one thing to have a prize project mentioned in the President’s State Of The Union Address, but, c’mon, it’s really, really big for Oak Ridge National Laboratory to get its name tossed about in the super-geeky, highly popular CBS sitcom — “Big Bang Theory.”
Unfortunately, I wasn’t watching Big Bang last night in real time because I was watching the UT basketball team struggle to hold onto a big lead against Arkansas in the SEC Tournament in Atlanta. But multiple folks emailed me and I, in turn, emailed ORNL’s scientific computing chief, Jeff Nichols, to see if he’d seen it (He hadn’t either).
But it’s pretty funny, with Sheldon tapping into ORNL’s Cray supercomputer (presumably a reference to Jaguar) to figure out how Howard had done a card trick. Leonard catches him in the act.
Here’s the exchange:

Leonard: Holy crap, are you connected to Oak Ridge National Laboratory?
Sheldon: Yes, I’m using their Cray supercomputer to analyze shuffling
Leonard: Sheldon, that computer is used for national defense, hacking into
it is a federal crime.
Sheldon: Relax, we’re not under attack right now.
Leonard: OK, I’m leaving before the black helicopters get here.
You can check out the episode here at the CBS Website.

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