Dozens arrested at Y-12 protest

Sister Ardeth Platte of Baltimore was arrested today on federal trespassing charges at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, but the Catholic nun was on crutches and apparently wasn’t handcuffed by police. All told 14 protesters were arrested on federal charges and 23 were arrested on state charges for blocking a roadway (Bear Creek Rd.). An unidentified counter-protester was arrested on disorderly conduct charges after he blew his car horn for about 10 minute and then reportedly had a brief altercation with police.
Multiple protesters were arrested today and handcuffed after crossing through barbed-wire fence near Y-12’s entrance.

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2 thoughts on “Dozens arrested at Y-12 protest

  1. George Veasey

    I have never been to Oak ridge nuclear death facilities I Have been to so many places where nuclear weapons are were make.We some nuclear weapons plants were so easy to get into with no problems Some we had to bring an aging grandmother or 2 who were oppose to nuclear war I did not go to Oak Ridge Tenn for several reasons Biggest 1 was I had no idea what to say to the protesters. I would not tell them of a woman in federal prisons since 1984 Helen Woodson who need a removal of cataracts from her eyes ITS A PAINLESS
    15 minute operation but federal government will not provide medial care for federal prisoners or veterans seriously injury in war

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