ORNL won’t reopen Lagoon Road

The Lagoon Rd. entrance to ORNL will remain closed.
The Lagoon Road entrance to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which provides access to the lab’s backside (including burial grounds) from the west on Highway 95, apparently won’t ever be reopened. The road was shut down as one of the security moves following the events of 9/11, and has been blockaded ever since.
“We have no plans to reopen that road,” Jimmy Stone, the lab’s director of facilities and operations, said this morning.

Stone said safety and security are the reasons for keeping the road closed.
“The road’s not maintained,” he said, noting it’d be a traffic nightmare to open up that section of the lab again.
Since 9/11, all lab access was restricted on Bethel Valley Road, and there now are two portals — one on the east and one on the west — to control traffic coming into the federal facilities. Those are staffed by security police officers from WSI-Oak Ridge, the Dept. of Energy’s security contractor.

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