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Y-12’s ‘Day(s) of Volunteering’

More than 600 volunteers from Y-12 are scheduled to participate in community activities Friday and Saturday as part of the annual “Day of Volunteering” program.
The projects range from painting and landscaping to spending time with the elderly, with locations from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Oak Ridge and surrounding communities.

Akuthota named exec director of ETEBA

akuthota.jpgNithin Akuthota has been hired at the new executive director of the Energy, Technology and Environmental Business Association.
According to info released to the news media, Akuthota specializes in intergovernmental partnerships in areas of energy and environment, and he previously served as legislative director for a Washington, D.C. law firm and as deputy director of the Energy Communities Alliance.

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Contractor fees: ORNL vs. Y-12, science vs. weapons

Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex, two major facilities seven miles apart, have their similarities and their differences.
They are similar in employment and budget. Each has about 4,200 employees or thereabouts, with annual budgets that fluctuate in the range of $1 billion (ORNL somewhat above that figure, Y-12 somewhat below it).

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Leaky waste shipment originated in Oak Ridge

A tanker that leaked toxic waste in Utah last month was reportedly carrying the last load of liquid waste — about 3,000 gallons of hazardous solvent — to be burned at DOE’s Oak Ridge incinerator. It’s now in storage at the TSCA Incinerator, waiting to be burned.
Dennis Hill, a spokesman for Bechtel Jacobs Co., said the waste shipment originated in Oak Ridge and was sent to EnergySolutions’ Utah facility — where solids were removed from hazardous sludge. The liquids that remained after treatment were being returned to Oak Ridge for incineration, Hill said.

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Did DOE get lucky on Oak Ridge evacuation?

Evacuees board buses for return to East Tennessee Technology Park.
photo/Michael Patrick
As it turns out, last week’s site-wide evacuation of the East Tennessee Technology Park was a precautionary event. The chemical release from a classified landfill, based on sampling done by the Dept. of Energy contractors, was a relatively harmless compound commonly known as “skunk oil” and did not threaten the 1,200 or so people working at the Oak Ridge site.
But there are probably going to be lessons learned from the attempted evacuation.

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Rad-detection system showcased at Colombian port

The NNSA today touted the successful installation and operation of a radiation-detection system at Colombia’s Port of Cartagena.
According to info distributed by NNSA, “This specialized system detects the presence of dangerous nuclear and other radioactive materials by scanning all import and export container traffic transiting the Port of Cartagena.”

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Looking for Oak Ridge stimulus jobs and contracts

With every report about hundreds of millions of dollars coming to Oak Ridge via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, I get flooded with calls about jobs available or contracting opportunities.
The Dept. of Energy hasn’t made this too simple because there is no central employment office set up for stimulus work in Oak Ridge. However, there is a DOE national Website with some information and breakdowns by location. (Ultimately, you may be able to track work progress via this site or so I’m told.)

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DOE’s Web site for Recovery Act stuff

DOE’s Oak Ridge office last month created a special Web site for stimulus-related activities, so everybody could see what was happening Oak Ridge-wise on work funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
For those who tried the link provided earlier, you’ve probalby figured out that it’s a road to nowhwere. DOE HQ apparently decided it wanted all of the agency’s ARRA-related traffic to go through a single site.

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