BJC Retirees — Update

Dennis Hill, a spokesman for Bechtel Jacobs Co., today said that 547 pre-65 retirees are affected by changes in the medical and dental benefits program that shifts more of the cost burden from the company to the retirees.
As noted in earlier post, the change would double the cost for some retirees with the dual plan, with monthly payments going from about $400 to $800.

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One thought on “BJC Retirees — Update

  1. sad

    Actually that number is not accurate. There may be 547 active retirees now but there is perhaps an equal number of grandfathered employees who are moving toward retirement or layoff. This sigtnificant reduction in benefit will affect them. It just won’t affect them until they retire or get laid off, unless they’re over 65. Keep in mind that many of them won’t have the opportunity to choose when they go. They will go when BJC no longer needs us.

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